Since 2014, I've hosted, moderated, spoken at, and helped design and execute corporate events, conferences, summits, festivals and unconventional gatherings in 19 countries. On stage, I use my ability to connect across difference as a conduit for shifting perspectives, igniting action, and facilitating moments of genuine human connection. Here are some of my signature offerings:

Signature Talks

Become Who You Are:
The Self As Sustainable Solution

Become Who You Are reminds emerging artists, students, creative professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs of the necessity of shaping a world in their vision. Contextualizing its larger call to action within today's ever-precarious socio-political climate, it urges them to actively articulate and own their purpose, mission, and usefulness in the world. Yes, even when it comes to building big business. Based on my book, Tell Me About Yourself, I encourage a future-focused audience to see a world where people not only feel comfortable sharing and learning from the richness found within and around their communities, they also use this power to drive personal and societal transformation. Learn how to:

  • Source internal values to craft an honest, compelling personal narrative,
  • Use that narrative to initiate more meaningful conversations that foster genuine connections and partnerships and,
  • Cultivate and sustain the confidence to propel ideas to action while creating the future.
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8 Lessons in Love:
A Heart-Centered Approach to Catalyzing Change

From artist and leadership development to teaching and speaking within schools and entrepreneurial communities around the world, Holley shares eight lessons along her journey as an artist and cultural geographer that continue to inspire and inform the impact of her work. Diving into what she believes to be pillars for using love as a catalyst for change, she offers insightful keys to help you:

  • Reignite your love for your work,
  • Create opportunities in times of uncertainty and transition,
  • Confront fears and take risks to maximize potential,
  • Uniquely position yourself to stand out and,
  • Cultivate and lead empowered teams.
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Towards Satiety:
Charting New Paths for the Work of Our Lives

Based on my forthcoming manifesto, with a lens on work as a pathway to self and communal actualization, this conversation introduces tenets for reassessing how and why we work, and explores how we can practically apply them to define and express work on our own terms and in the direction of a solidarity economy.

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Learning Experiences

Tell Me About Yourself:
A Community Forum on Crafting Rich, Compelling Narratives

The TMAY forum is an interactive lecture and moderated discussion on accurate, artful self-definition in a momentous season of change. You’ll learn how to use one critical step from the six-step method shared in my book, Tell Me About Yourself. Together, we’ll explore best practices for successfully navigating some of your most challenging conversational moments, from first encounters and pitching new ideas to email intros and website bios—not for transactional gain—but to initiate meaningful conversations, confidently discuss your craft in your daily interactions and high stakes moments, and foster genuine connections that help propel the big ideas you’ve been dreaming up.

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Toward Workplace Actualization:
Examining LTD As A Conduit For Organizational Transformation

Based on insights gleaned from my time as Creative Researcher-in-Residence at WeTransfer and my ongoing ethnographic research on the future of work, this strategic ideation session invites executives, leaders and decision makers across teams to explore practical possibilities for change management and rewiring the learning and talent development function as a conduit for individual, team and organizational actualization.

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Bespoke Offerings

Content Three Heading

If you’re interested in more tailored programming for your team or an event, we can work together to design a bespoke experience (learning lab, expedition, talk, forum, offsite, series etc.) based on your specific needs. With a North Star focused on reimagining work and workplaces as conduits for self, communal and organizational actualization, these experiences explore three key themes:

  • leadership and self-development,
  • communication and relationships,
  • process and ideation

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As COVID-19 continues challenging us to reconsider how we gather, I’m available to speak online and in-person (on a case-by-case basis) about reimagining the future of work, the relationship between self-development and creative manifestation, the method from my book, and my personal career journey. Please reach out here to invite me to your next experience.

We invited Holley in to talk because she embodies the spirit that animates WeTransfer and she’s ambitious for what creativity can do. Her talk had the biggest impact I have ever seen from a speaker at WeTransfer. She is inspirational but in a relatable way, which means she doesn’t just move people, she helps them look at their own ideas in a new light.

— Rob Alderson,
Former Editor-in-Chief/Vice President Content, WeTransfer
01 — 05
It was a real pleasure working with Holley for NEXT18. Her very personal way of moderating the sessions gave our event a very warm tone. Not only is she able to give speakers comfort on stage, but also she is amazing in connecting with the audience and building connections amongst the participants - even in big theater settings like the one at the NEXT18 venue.

— Ina Feistritzer,
Head of NEXT, Chief Editor SinnerSchrader
02 — 05
It was fantastic to have Holley Murchison as our closing speaker at Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network Global Summit in Toronto. She is truly inspirational and her personal story and message resonated so strongly with  our attendees from over 16 countries that she received a standing ovation.

— Ingrid Devin,
Director of Dell Women's Entrepreneur Network (DWEN)
03 — 05
We first met Holley at the Better World By Design event, where she was leading a powerful workshop. We were incredibly impressed and just knew we had to work with her, so we invited her to moderate our Thought For Food Global Summits in Zurich, Amsterdam and Brazil, and to lead breakout sessions on storytelling for our audience of more than 300 next generation leaders from around the world. The energy, professionalism and authentic spirit she represents encourages the people around her to open their minds and hearts, adding a truly unique touch to events that both energizes participants, while also putting them at ease. I can't recommend Holley highly enough - we will definitely be working with her for our future events, she's the best!

— Christine Gould,
Founder & CEO, Thought for Food Foundation
04 — 05
I hired Holley to speak and inspire at our first annual MAKERS@Mailchimp event. The audience was comprised of both community and company "change-makers" to promote a platform and network of positive change.  Holley's talk "Eight Lessons in Love" helped our audience learn to tell their story and raise their voices not only for themselves but for those who are marginalized. The attendees were highly engaged and asked incredibly relevant questions of Holley.  We plan to create TMAY accountability groups within the company starting in March. Lots of buzz about this talk two weeks after the event!

— Aynn Collings,
Former Director, Employee Experience, Mailchimp
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