Holley M. Kholi-Murchison (she • they • H) is an artist and cultural geographer with a 15-year background in ethnographic research, learning and talent development, transmedia storytelling and experience design. They study the human condition, desire, and potential within and outside of the workplace, and conjure stories and strategies for shaping more equitable work futures.

Currently, Holley is Managing Partner and Director of Studio and Media Lab at Oratory Glory. Alongside her team, she dreams up pathways for evolving humans to nurture their gifts, talents and growing edges for their life's work and personal fulfillment, and advises select companies and institutions on creating more equitable workplaces.

She is also partner at think tank and education production company, HOLI. Brands, and a co-steward at Celie & Squeak, a Black and Indigenous family homestead in Winston Salem, NC.

Photo by Ashley Johnson.