I advise and coach audacious, visionary humans at critical turning points at the intersection of their personal lives and careers toward actualizing the versions of themselves they’re being called to become, and the ideas they feel most emboldened to bring to life. Some of these folks are executives and leaders within organizations. Others are artists, entrepreneurs, cultural, care and knowledge practitioners. But they are all people helping to shape more expansive and equitable collective futures through their work(s).

My approach is a combination of hype woman, creative & analytical thought partner, trusted advisor, sounding board, and radically transparent mirror.

Tell Me About Yourself

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Learn the TMAY method from my book as we work together to create, practice, and refine a new introduction for one of your most challenging conversational moments (from first encounters and pitching new ideas to email intros and website bios). I’ll help you confidently articulate your vision and value so you can create and attract aligned opportunities and foster genuine connections that propel your ideas.

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Legacy Talk

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For leaders who are devoted to shaping careers and executing ideas that lead to sociocultural change. Through strategic thought partnership and coaching, I’ll help you gain clarity and create a strategy for a career transition - or - develop a clear plan for an idea or project you’re being called to act on, and navigate the hurdles (mental, emotional, or otherwise) that arise along the way with grace.

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Speaker Development

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I love working with cultural game-changers who are looking to become great orators. And as an international speaker and facilitator, I’ve negotiated paid opportunities for myself in 16 countries. Depending on where you are in your journey, I’ll help you identify your expertise and hone your unique voice, prepare for an upcoming engagement, or create an action plan for using public speaking as a channel for business development and expanding your reach.

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If you’re interested in working together, please take a look at my offerings above and book a session or schedule a discovery call to explore whether we’re the best fit for each other.

In the spirit of moving toward social solidarity economies, if for whatever reason you don’t have the financial means to book a session, I offer a sliding scale and creative barter option to trans, queer, women and non-binary folks who identify as Black, Indigenous, PoC, or immigrant. If you’re interested in exploring that option, please schedule a discovery call to discuss things further.

Working with Holley I found my key presentations, I understood speaker formatting, and I understood pitching myself 1000% better. I walked away feeling confident and PREPARED with all the tools to pitch and support high end speaking as a source of revenue. I now have a media kit, presentation deck, and clearly outlined keynotes and workshops I can offer to a multitude of places. Having all those pieces together just beyond the knowledge is so powerful. I'm grateful for understanding the industry better, how the process works, and having all the tools.

— Shay L. Esq.,
Intellectual Property & Entertainment Attorney
01 — 07
Prior to working with Holley, I tried to structure the speech myself and really struggled to make progress. I also attempted to watch various YouTube videos for online coaches. Working with Holley really helped me to focus on being myself for the presentation first. She gave me practical gems that made the process so much easier, honest, and intentional. The best part of it all is the talk was so well received by the attendees. They loved how open, honest, and informative it was.

— Priscilla E.,
Entrepreneur, NCAA Division I Women's Basketball Coach
02 — 07
Wow! Holley went deep and cut straight to the heart of the matter. She took my exhaustive outline and churned it into something manageable, direct, concise, and relevant. The outcome is multi-functional, and can be adapted to suit many needs within the company. Also, it's a little easier to describe what we do and why. I found the clarity, confidence, and permission to go out and tell our story!

— Brandy H.,
Permaculture Entrepreneur
03 — 07
Holley demystified the process of booking speaking engagements and offered a safe space for me to develop where I found that I had the confidence to find, book, and scope them. These results opened up another level of my work that was much needed. The best part though is that the value will continue to reveal itself throughout time. I was equipped with the tools to continue building on. Our sessions weren't just focused on output but more on a process that I can adapt and evolve along with my practice.

— Nu G.,
Creative Director, Designer, Entrepreneur, Strategist
04 — 07
Through Holley’s process, I reframed what it meant to introduce myself and my purpose for meeting new people in professional situations. The experience opened my mind to what is possible and gave me language to leverage the opportunity. I’m now able to introduce myself in a more meaningful (and powerful) way. I am confident and have a presence in a space, which changes experiences. And, I will be able to get more resources for my community via connecting with more people in a meaningful way, which is an ultimate goal.

— Angie B.,
Creative Director, Designer, Entrepreneur, Strategist
05 — 07
Holley was my game changer. Prior to working with her I didn't know how to communicate what I did without waves of anxiety compromising my message. Once I overcame my fear we worked on tackling larger opportunities. Today I command $10,000 or more for speeches! Working with her allowed me to become more comfortable with telling MY story. We created my signature presentation and mined my life for my impactful stories. Working with Holley has made all the difference in my personal life and career.

— Tonya R.,
Entrepreneur, Financial Educator, Investor
06 — 07
Holley blends spirit + action divinely. They really get a great feel for who they are working with. I felt understood + celebrated! HUGE! The accountability was very present, without being overbearing. They offer grounding + fluidity most gracefully. I have always looked forward to our sessions! Being excited to share changes, even without much to share, knowing I would leave with tangible help and tangible next steps to take. Holley’s guidance is clear, direct and is presented with a simplicity that inspired me to action. I am more than grateful for having them hike with me lol. I look forward to continuing the structure of planning, mapping and execution that they developed in our time together.

— ché f.m.,
Stillness Guide, Sculptor
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